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We help students find and win scholarships. Our free scholarship finder matches you with college scholarships and our Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing mentoring platform shows you how to construct a competitive scholarship application. Finding scholarship opportunities is only part of the battle. Knowing how to apply for scholarships is key to your success. We can help you figure this out. Let’s get started on creating winning applications today!

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We know that finding scholarships can be daunting and intimidating. Our scholarship finder matches you with scholarships that are relevant to your profile. You can keep all of your matches neatly organized on your own dashboard, too!

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Our Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing mentoring platform shows you how to best position yourself to win prize money. We’ll help you understand what scholarship committees are looking for and how you can create a memorable narrative.

Get a One-on-One Mentor

If you need help beyond our instructive videos, we’ve got you covered. We offer one-on-one coaching and we can walk you through brainstorming, writing, and editing your scholarship applications.

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A personal note from our Chief Scholarship Mentor, Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.:

I’m delighted to be offering all of my insights on how students can find a win scholarship money. As a son of immigrants, I didn’t have many resources at my disposal when it came to higher education. For this reason, I was late to the game in scholarship writing. It wasn’t until third year university that I applied for any kind of money for schooling. I won the first prize I applied to and then started winning more. As I look back now, I regret not having the confidence and know-how to do this sooner. As a student, I won several prizes over $10K and I want to share how I did this with you. You’ll learn everything I have to teach you about this subject in The Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing mentoring platform offered by BridgesEDU. Don’t wait as a long as I did to start this necessary process. There’s a lot of money out there and you should be the student to find and win it!

and Personal Statements

Want to Compete  For Lucrative Scholarships? Writing a compelling personal statement is a skill and an art

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How to Find College Scholarships by Major

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Deanna O'Dea

★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
I really did learn a lot from participating in this program! Not only did it provide me with a significant amount of helpful strategies for my undergraduate degree, but it also provided me with a lot of confidence in myself! Thank you so much Dr. Christopher Grafos for helping me succeed in University!

Simone Deahl

★★★★★ 2 months ago
I used BridgesEDU while I was applying to graduate school, and it was an IMMENSE help. Without Chris’s advice and encouragement, I don’t think I would have been able to pull a successful application together. Now I am on my way to do my …

Onkar Singh

★★★★★ 3 months ago
A great organization
Chris helped me with my scholarship writing.
BridgesEDU will actually help you out and Chris(Founder) is an expert in providing academic aid.



Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.
Scholarship Coach & Mentor