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Christopher Grafos: Your Guide to

Mastering Scholarships

Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.

BridgesEDU Scholarships Founder & Chief Scholarship Mentor

BridgesEDU Scholarships Founder

I’m Christopher Grafos, the architect behind BridgesEDU’s unmatched scholarship success. I graduated from the University of Toronto and then earned a PhD at York University. As a student, I mastered the art of securing scholarships, amassing over $93,000 in funding. And, in my career, I’ve earned more than a million dollars in grants.

I’ve navigated the academic world from a unique vantage point. As a first-generation university graduate turned esteemed scholarship coach, my path is not just my story—it’s a proven blueprint for your success.

Leveraging my insider knowledge from serving on scholarship committees and teaching at York University, I’ve turned my journey into a strategic masterclass, guiding students to win approximately $1 million in scholarships, grants, and bursaries.

Join me and a community of driven achievers and let’s turn your scholarship aspirations into reality. 

Your Ally in the Scholarship Journey

It Doesn’t Have to be Daunting and Time-Consuming

BridgesEDU Scholarships Features:

1. Free Scholarship Finder

Easy Search Tools: Help your child find scholarships that are the perfect match for their achievements and interests.

Regular Updates: Ensure your child never misses out on the latest opportunities.

2. Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing Masterclass

Efficient Micro-Lessons: Engage with concise, powerful lessons that fit any schedule.

Expert Strategies: Utilize Christopher’s insider knowledge to maximize scholarship potential.

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We offer:

  • Proven Strategies: Receive guidance that’s molded by a proven scholarship winner.

  • Flexible Learning: Go at your own pace, on your own terms.

  • Community Support: Connect with us and join live Q&A sessions for extra help.



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Enroll in our masterclass for comprehensive guidance and advanced strategies. Our masterclass is designed to empower parents and students with proven scholarship-winning strategies.

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Your Time is Precious

Our masterclass is tailored for busy families. Our micro-lessons are concise and can be accessed anytime, ensuring anyone can learn effective scholarship strategies without a big time commitment.


Built for Tight Budgets

Our masterclass is priced to be affordable while offering exceptional value. With the amount your child could potentially win from scholarships, the investment is minimal. Plus, the flexibility to cancel anytime ensures you only pay for what you need.

Way More Efficient Than Doing it on Your Own

While independent research is important, our masterclass gives you the competitive edge of experience. Christopher’s insights, drawn from his experience on scholarship panels, can significantly boost your chances of success in less time. Plus, our supportive community and live Q&A sessions make the journey less daunting and more rewarding.

Real Success Stories

What Students & Parents Say

We wish to thank BridgesEDU Scholarships for helping our daughter secure a $10,000 scholarship for the academic year 2023-2024. The program really helps students identify scholarship opportunities and motivates them to do research and apply for them in a timely manner. We would recommend BridgesEDU to anyone who is interested in securing scholarships. Winning this scholarship not only boosted our daughter’s morale and confidence, but also as parents, it gave us a much needed financial break.

Chithra K. - Parent in London, ON

Growing up, I thought that scholarships were only given out to athletes and students who excelled academically. Fortunately, BridgesEDU Scholarships opened my eyes to the world of scholarships. Shortly after being introduced, I caught wind of a trade scholarship and decided to apply. With the help of BridgesEDU, I was able to win my first ever scholarship on my first application, winning $1000.

Peter G. - Student in Durham, ON

Finding the right words has never come easy for my son, in fact he has always needed to work extra hard to achieve his goals throughout his high school years. Chris was able to help him take his thoughts, organize and articulate them in the most beautiful way on paper. Chris was instrumental in helping my son obtain a scholarship prize awarded to a student attending a trade school. The essay Chris pulled out of my son was so heartwarming and personal that I was proud to read as a mother and one that clearly resonated with the scholarship award committee. I would recommend Chris at BridgesEDU Scholarships wholeheartedly! He will truly make a difference with your child.

Mary M. - Parent in Markham, ON

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