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May is a key month for students and parents who are focused on preparing for post-secondary education in Canada. For graduating high school students, it’s the transition period to college or university, while current post-secondary students are planning for their upcoming academic year. This time is ideal for setting educational goals and considering financial strategies.

With the significant costs of post-secondary education in mind, we have compiled a list of ten superb Canadian scholarships with May deadlines. These opportunities are essential for students and parents looking to ease the financial burden of education. Continue reading to learn how you can apply and secure financial support for your or your child’s educational journey. 

Also, if you’re looking for more scholarships, check out our free scholarship finder. It includes hundreds of prizes for Canadian high school, university, and college students. 

Finally, if you or your child are attending a Canadian college or university in September 2024, be sure to check out the BridgesEDU $1,000 Scholarship for Canadian Students! Applications are due June 30, 2024. 

List of May Scholarships

1. MADD Canada: Louise Joanne Twerdy Leadership Bursary $10,000

Deadline: May 31, 2024

Amount: $10,000 and additional bursaries of $5,000 each

Who is this scholarship for? MADD Canada’s Bursary Program is open to Canadian citizens who have themselves been severely injured or who have had a parent (or legal guardian) or sibling killed or severely injured as a result of an impaired driving crash and who are enrolled in a full-time, ministry-approved, post-secondary educational program for the upcoming academic year. Injuries must be catastrophic or severe and have had a significant impact on the applicants’ lives. Proof of injury and relation to impaired driving will be required. Successful applicants may not reapply in subsequent years. 

From the Scholarship Donor: MADD Canada has restructured our bursary program to have more meaningful impact on students’ lives.  Beginning in 2016, one(1) bursary of $10,000 will be awarded to the applicant with the highest score in honour of Louise Joanne Twerdy (see further details below).  Additional bursaries in the amount of $5,000 will also be available. Winning applicants may not reapply in subsequent years.

2. CodeWizardsHQ Educational Scholarship

Deadline: May 1, 2024

Amount: $2,500

Who is this scholarship for? Open to grade 12 students or first-year undergraduate students. Applicants must have  3.5 GPA or higher. Preference is given to students in a STEM field. 

From the Scholarship Donor: At CodeWizardsHQ we believe that the future is built on diversity through equity and access. While we actively work toward implementing hiring practices that are geared toward diversifying our team, we also understand that having access to higher education is a means to broadening a diverse candidate pool for the future STEM workforce.

We have created the Educational Scholarship to support students in the attainment of their dreams.

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3. Crohn’s and Colitis Canada’s AbbVie IBD Scholarship Program

Deadline: May 23, 2024

Amount: $5,000

Who is this scholarship for? This scholarship is available to students of any age who meet the following requirements:

  • A citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis by a health care professional.
  • Seeking a diploma, associate, undergraduate, or graduate degree from a Canadian university, college or trade school.
  • Enrolled in or awaiting acceptance from a Canadian-based post-secondary educational institution for the upcoming fall semester.
  • A student who demonstrates academic aspiration and strives to sustain an optimal level of wellness, allowing them to excel to reach their goals and inspire others to do the same.

From the Scholarship Donor: Crohn’s and Colitis Canada’s AbbVie IBD Scholarship Program supports students in achieving their academic goals while they make a lasting and meaningful difference in their communities. As of 2022, we award $5,000 scholarships to fifteen (15) inspiring students attending a Canadian post-secondary institution for the upcoming fall semester.

4. 2024 Jean Lumb Awards

Deadline: May 20, 2024

Amount: 9 awards of $1,000 each. 

Who is this scholarship for? There are 9 prizes including 1 entrance scholarship. Each scholarship has its own criteria, but students must be:

  • Enrolled full-time in any grade in a high school school or secondary school in Canada.
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • Of Chinese heritage.

From the Scholarship Donor: In 1996, a group of community representatives gathered to organize the Mid-Autumn Gala in Toronto to raise funds to establish scholarships that would be named in honour of Jean Lumb. The first Jean Lumb Awards were presented in 1998 at the first annual Jean Lumb Awards Dinner. Since that year, the Jean Lumb Awards have been presented to 100+ outstanding students who have achieved excellence in eight areas: academics, the arts, athletics, community service, defense of the environment, dignity of life, innovation, trades and apprenticeship award.

5. Luke Santi Memorial Award for Student Achievement

Deadline: May 31, 2024

Amount: $1,000 

Who is this scholarship for? The student is selected based on a combination of academic merit and non-academic criteria including:

  • Academic success in the last year of secondary studies – a minimum 80% average overall is required as shown in copies of official high school transcripts.
  • Demonstrated passion for physics outside of the normal academic environment (e.g. being a member of a local amateur astronomy club, volunteering with a physics association)
  • Demonstrated interest in a wide range of activities outside of physics (e.g. community involvement, sports, debating clubs, etc., including volunteer activities in service of others)
  • Minimum of two letters of recommendation by a teacher, principal, professor or association leader (not a relative). The letters of reference will assist the selection committee in establishing the applicant’s participation and achievement in the life and activities of their school and/or community; participation in a physics stream of study; nature of the participant’s character, personal qualities and temperament, etc.

From the Scholarship Donor: Established and funded by Perimeter Institute, this award is presented annually in memory of Luke Santi. Luke was a high school student who demonstrated a passion for research and discovery, earned top marks in his courses, took part in a variety of extracurricular activities, and volunteered his time in service of others.

In honour of Luke’s many accomplishments and contributions, the award is presented annually to a Canadian student who demonstrates Luke’s many qualities — academic performance, interest in science, extracurricular activities, and volunteering — and is graduating high school to begin post-secondary education in physical sciences at a Canadian university. 

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6. Betty Spalton Scholarship

Deadline: May 31, 2024

Amount: $1,500

Who is this scholarship for? This scholarship opportunity is for any student entering or continuing studies leading to a career in road building, road maintenance, or heavy construction.

  • Program of study may be full-time or part-time at any BC college, university, technical or trades institute
  • Open to individuals returning to school to upgrade skills or further their education
  • Individuals returning back-to-school to upgrade their skills and knowledge are welcome to apply.
  • Preference will be given to underrepresented groups in the industry
  • All applicants must be Canadian citizens.

From the Scholarship Donor: The Betty Spalton Trust Fund was established in 1999 to provide financial support to individuals obtaining an education in fields associated with the road building and heavy construction industry. Promoting diversity within the industries is a goal of the scholarship, applicants of all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. The fund honours Betty Spalton, an industry and Association leader who made important contributions to our sector.

The Betty Spalton Scholarship is merit-based, and awards the successful candidate(s) $1,500 to be used for study and living expenses.

7. Ontario Hockey Federation Scholarship Program

Deadline: May 19, 2024

Amount: 30 awards of $1,000 each

Who is this scholarship for? 

To be eligible to receive a scholarship, a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Be registered with the OHF during the application season;
  • Be registered for three (3) of the previous four (4) years within the OHF in any capacity; (player, trainer, coach, official) (2019-20, 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23)
  • Be a registrant in good standing with the OHF; and
  • Enrolling in post-secondary full-time studies in Canada for the first time.

From the Scholarship Donor: The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) Scholarship was introduced in 1997 to recognize and reward dedication in education and hockey. The program provides financial assistance to registered OHF participants to offset the cost of post-secondary education. Since its inception, the OHF has distributed more than $450,000 to over 400 post-secondary students.

The scholarships are awarded to outstanding young people who display commitment at the arena and in the classroom. The recipients are determined on the basis of academic achievements, hockey and community involvement.

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8. Ontario Parks Association Foundation Scholarships and Bursaries

Deadline: May 31, 2024

Amount: 5 bursaries of $2,000 each and 3 scholarships of $1,000 each

Who is this scholarship for? This collection of awards is open to students who are: 

  • Canadian Citizens or Landed Immigrants.
  • Enrolled at a recognized post-secondary Ontario educational institution in an ongoing multi-year college or university program at the undergraduate or graduate level.
  • Pursuing studies in a program that has a focus on parks, horticulture, landscaping, conservation, or environmental resource management.

From the Scholarship Donor: OPAF has established a fund to provide financial support to our future professionals through bursaries and scholarships for educational purposes. Applicants are students pursuing post-secondary studies … whose goals are aligned with those of the Foundation and the Ontario Parks Association: “Ontario Parks Association (OPA) is committed to civic beautification, the advancement, protection and conservation of parks, open space and the environment as we practice Protecting Tomorrow Today® in the province of Ontario.”

9. The Irene Adler Prize: A $1,000 Scholarship for Women Writers

Deadline: May 30, 2024

Amount: $1,000 and up to two $250 honorable mentions

Who is this scholarship for? Scholarship for women in the U.S., Canada, and worldwide. 

From the Scholarship Donor: Writing has given me a rich and exciting life.

I’ve traveled the world from Sweden to South Africa, from the Golden Globes to the Olympic women’s hockey finals. I’ve photographed a mother polar bear and her cubs and profiled stars like ABBA, Jennifer Garner and Katarina Witt. And I couldn’t have done it without women.

I’ve been very fortunate, and it’s time for me to give back. With the Irene Adler Prize, I’m awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a woman pursuing a degree in journalism, creative writing, or literature at a recognized post-secondary institution.

    10. Lincoln M. Alexander Award

    Deadline: May 31, 2024

    Amount: 3 awards of $5,000 each

    Who is this scholarship for? Only accredited provincial secondary schools can nominate a student for this award.

    The person you nominate (the nominee) must be:

    • a grade 12 student at an Ontario high school
    • planning to attend a post-secondary institution as a full-time student
    • a resident of Ontario

    From the Scholarship Donor: The Lincoln M. Alexander Award commemorates the legacy of Ontario’s 24th Lieutenant Governor by recognizing three young people who have shown strong leadership in eliminating racial discrimination. Two recipients in the Student category and one recipient in the Community category will each receive a $5,000 cash award.

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