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Securing funds for college or university can be a challenge for both students and parents.

And, often, the search for scholarships includes exploring a variety of sources. However, it’s crucial not to overlook the unique scholarships, grants, and bursaries available only at your institution. These types of awards are known as school-specific scholarships and, as the name suggests, they’re exclusive to students attending your school.

There are many benefits associated with this form of financial aid. Often, school-specific awards are less popular and, therefore, less competitive. This increases your opportunity to secure financial support that doesn’t require repayment.

Seek Assistance From Your Financial Aid Office

Here’s a valuable piece of advice: your institution’s financial aid office can provide significant assistance. They offer guidance to help identify funding that matches your achievements and skills. This is information you can benefit from in a significant way! So, take advantage!

Inform Yourself Before Deciding

It’s wise to investigate the financial aid and scholarship options each institution offers before making your decision to attend. This insight can guide you to choose an institution that meets your financial requirements in addition to your education goals.

Taking this approach helps with financial planning, facilitates informed decision-making, and can reduce financial stress. After all, you’re headed to higher education for a brighter future, not to be bogged down by financial stress.

Financial Aid & Scholarships Processes Vary By Institution … Sometimes Significantly

Recognize that every institution has its own approach to distributing scholarships and bursaries, often with different criteria for eligibility. The process and requirements can vary widely from one institution to another. It’s essential for you to understand how things work at your specific school. Essentially, the responsibility is yours.

So, investigate. Reach out to your financial aid office. Understand application procedures. Apply.

Additional Advice on Securing Scholarships

Uncover more techniques for finding and securing school-scholarships.

Simplifying Your Search

To assist you in your scholarship, grant, and bursary hunt, we’ve compiled a list of links to the financial aid and awards offices at colleges and universities in Alberta.

The list below serves as an excellent starting point for exploring the financial aid options available at your current or prospective institution. But, it’s important to remember that many scholarships exist beyond those offered by your school. So, be sure to find more scholarships to enhance your chances of landing a prize.

Check out the resources below to explore your options.

Scholarship directory to help students win money for college and university

Alberta Colleges:

School-Specific Scholarships and Awards

Alberta Universities:

School-Specific Scholarships and Awards

Final Note

The links to the financial aid offices of colleges and universities in Alberta are simply the starting point. There are many more scholarships available beyond the resources above.

So, don’t stop your search here! Feel free to use our free tool to discover scholarships or browse through our free resources pages aimed at assisting high school, college, and university students in their quest for scholarships. Parents are also encouraged to take advantage of these free tools! Best of luck!

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