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Finding money for college can be hard for both students and their parents.

Looking for scholarships often means checking many places. But, don’t forget about the special scholarships, grants, and bursaries that only your school offers. These are just for students at your school.

It’s important to know about these school-only aids. They might be easier to get because fewer people know about them. This could be a great thing for your chances to land financial aid that you don’t have to pay back.

Get Support From Your Financial Aid Office

Here’s a useful tip: your school’s financial aid office can help you a lot. They can guide you on how to apply and find money that fits your profile based on what you’re good at and what you’ve done.

Before Making Your Choice, Get Informed

Also, it’s smart to look into each school’s financial aid and scholarship packages before you decide to go there. Knowing this can help you pick a school that fits your or your child’s money needs and school dreams.

So, check out a school’s financial aid programs before you attend. This helps you plan your money, make better choices, and worry less about costs.

Every School Does Financial Aid & Scholarships Differently

It’s important to know that each school gives out scholarships and bursaries in its own way – often based on varying eligibility requirements. What one school does can be very different from another. You need to find out how your school works specifically. In short, it’s up to you to take charge. Research. Contact Your Financial Aid Office. Understand the Process. Apply. 

More Tips to Find & Win

Discover more strategies on how to find and win school-specific scholarships.

We’ve Made it Easy

To help you find what you need quickly and to give you all the tools you need, we’ve made a big list of links to the financial aid and awards offices at colleges and universities in British Columbia.

This list is a great place to start looking at financial aid options at your school or a school you’re thinking about attending. But, remember, there are also many types of scholarships out there that aren’t tied to just one school. You should check those out, too.

Let’s start exploring all the options you have.

Scholarship directory to help students win money for college and university

British Columbia Colleges:

School-Specific Scholarships and Awards

British Columbia Universities:

School-Specific Scholarships and Awards

AI can help students with scholarship applications.

Final Note

The links to the financial aid offices of colleges and universities in British Columbia are just the beginning. There are a lot more scholarships out there.

So, keep looking! You can use our free tool to find scholarships or look at our free resources pages designed to help high school, college, and university students in their scholarship journey. Of course, parents are welcome to use these free tools, too! Good luck!

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