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If you’re wondering how much time it takes to apply for college or university scholarships, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a graduating high school student, undergraduate, or graduate student, there are quite a few scholarship opportunities that can help pay for your education. In fact, there are thousands of different scholarships out there with varying time requirements for their application process.

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First Stop: Scholarships Searches

Before applying for postsecondary scholarships, you must find them! So, how long do scholarship searches take? The short answer? Not a lot of time.

There are two main ways for high school and postsecondary students to find scholarships, which we’ll call searching and researching. Searching involves entering your information into a database and then waiting for it to spit out some results. Researching means digging through databases, websites, and potentially other resources to find the information yourself.

The first method is usually quite fast. It can be as simple as answering a few questions, clicking the button that says “Search,” and then waiting for the results to pop up on your screen. The second method takes more time because you have to do the searching yourself. You also have to spend time reading through each result carefully before deciding if it’s worth applying for.

So which way should you go? It depends on how much time you have available, but most students will find themselves somewhere in between these two options: they’ll use both methods at different times during their search process.

Next Stop: The Application

How long does it take to complete a college scholarship application?

The short answer: it depends. The long answer is that it varies based on the type of scholarship you’re applying for and whether or not you need to send in additional materials like an essay or sample work (note that there are various kinds of scholarships, including school-specific scholarships, need-based scholarships, merit scholarships, etc.). Let’s break it down.

Scholarships that require an essay: On average, most scholarship essays take at least a couple hours to write—but some can take much longer. The most important thing is to plan ahead and get started early. That way, when the deadline gets closer, you’ll have time to fix any mistakes or omissions before sending it off in good time. You’ll also have plenty of time to receive feedback on your drafts.

Scholarships that don’t require an essay: These tend to be easier to apply for because they don’t require any kind of writing at all! Most often they’re just forms that you fill out with basic information like your name and address; sometimes there will also be questions about your financial situation. You may also encounter lottery scholarships – these scholarships randomly select the successful scholarship recipient. Obviously, these take less time than writing an essay.

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Your Level of Experience Matters

If you’re applying for a scholarship for the first time, or if you’ve never applied for anything before, it’s best to give yourself plenty of extra time in case something goes wrong. But if you’ve been through the process before or are an expert at navigating online forms, then you might be able to get everything done in a shorter amount of time. It’s no secret that more you do something, the better you’ll get at it. Scholarship essays and applications are no different.


Let’s come back to the main question: how long does it take to apply for scholarships?

This sounds like a complicated question – but it’s actually fairly simple. There is no one answer – rather, it can depend on a lot of different factors. First, where are you looking for scholarships and how successful have you been at finding them? Second, how many scholarships are you applying for? And third, what are the components of the application?  

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The best things in life are worth the wait and the time you invest. There are many different types of scholarships out there, so make sure you know what works best with your profile and start applying for scholarship money now!