The State of Iowa offers many college scholarships and grants for residents. Some of these scholarship awards are need-based, while others are merit-based. Below, we take a look at the various grants and scholarships available to Iowa college students from the state government.

The scholarship opportunities you’ll find here are managed by the Iowa College Student Aid Commission. To be eligible for these prizes, you’ll need to start with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Beyond this requirement, you should always check full eligibility details for every college scholarship because they are unique to every prize.

You should also know that in addition to the awards below, you’re likely eligible for many more scholarships offered by private donors or your college or university. If you’re planning on applying for scholarships, you can dramatically increase your chances of winning by applying to the right types of scholarship opportunities – ones that are a good match with your student profile.  

Without further delay, let’s get to the prizes offered by the Iowa state government.

Iowa Scholarship Programs

Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship

This program, as the name implies, is intended as financial aid to cover any remaining gap between federal and state grants/scholarships and tuition and qualified fees.

The program is available to students who recently completed an Iowa high school diploma, a homeschool program, or high school equivalency diploma. Other eligibility requirements apply.

Because this list is based on job demand, it might change from year to year.

Iowa National Guard Service Scholarship

The Iowa National Guard Service Scholarship provides annual awards to Iowa National Guard members who attend eligible Iowa colleges and universities. 

The award covers a specified amount of tuition for students attending Iowa Regent Universities.

All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship

The All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship (AIOS) is a state-funded scholarship program. Iowa students must attend an eligible Iowa college or university. 

Priority is given to students who age out of Iowa’s foster care system, children of deceased public safety workers, and others who have participated in various high school programs.

The scholarship amount adjusts each year, but is approximately $4,772 annually. This is a renewable award.

Governor Terry E. Branstad Iowa State Fair Scholarship

The Governor Terry E. Branstad Iowa State Fair Scholarship recognizes outstanding Iowa high school seniors who have actively participated in the Iowa State Fair. Scholarships are awarded for the recipient’s first year of college only.

Up to ten awards, not to exceed $5,000 per award, will be awarded annually.

Robert D. Blue Scholarship

The Robert D. Blue Scholarship, named after the former Iowa governor, provides funds ranging from $500 to $1,000 to Iowa students who demonstrate literary and scholastic ability; exhibit qualities of truth, courage, and fellowship; and display moral force of character. 

Applicants for this scholarship can be current high school seniors or students attending an Iowa college or university.

Iowa Grant Programs

Iowa Tuition Grant

Iowa Tuition Grants are awarded to Iowa residents enrolled at one of Iowa’s eligible private colleges and universities.

The award amount is tied to the average Iowa tuition and fee rate.

Kibbie Grant (Iowa Skilled Workforce Shortage Tuition Grant)

Iowa residents enrolled in specified career or technical education programs at Iowa community colleges may be eligible for this grant program. The maximum Kibbie Grant award is one-half of the average Iowa community college tuition and mandatory fees per year for up to two years of education.

Applicants must demonstrate financial need to qualify for this grant.

Iowa Vocational-Technical Tuition Grant

Iowa residents enrolled in career or technical education programs at Iowa community colleges may be eligible to receive this grant.

The maximum award is $1,200 per year for up to two years of education.

Education and Training Voucher (ETV)

The Education and Training Voucher (ETV) Program usually provides awards of up to $5,000 per year to students who age out of foster care and students who are adopted after age 16. Grant awards are sent directly to the college or university and can be used to pay for tuition/fees, room/board, book/supplies and personal/living expenses.

Gap Tuition Assistance Program (GAP)

The Gap tuition Assistance Program (GAP) was established as part of the Skilled Worker and Job Creation Fund to provide funding to community colleges for need-based tuition assistance to applicants to enable completion of continuing education certificate training programs for in-demand occupations.

The program covers eligible expenses like tuition, direct training costs, books, equipment, and certain fees.

Other Resources to Find College Scholarships and Grants

Check in with your guidance counselor, financial aid office, or the internet to find college scholarships and grants. You can also search for scholarships on the free BridgesEDU Scholarship Finder.

There are many scholarships available for students who wish to attend college. Applying for scholarships is a great way to help pay for college expenses, and it is a good idea to start the process as early as possible. Scholarships are available for students of all academic levels, so be sure to research different options and apply today!