The State of New Mexico offers several scholarships and grants for college students. Those options are outlined for you below. The state’s student aid programs are managed by the New Mexico Higher Education Department.

For all prizes, including those below, it’s important to read eligibility requirements carefully. Some scholarship opportunities may require you to have a GPA of 3.0 or higher while others may be awarded to students with financial need. There are many more eligibility possibilities, so it’s good practice to know what they are before you invest time applying for a scholarship or grant.

One important part of the application process for most state-level scholarships and grants is the completion of a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA determines the expected family contribution toward tuition and college expenses, which you may be required to submit to qualify for an award.

Another significant point is that you likely qualify for many more scholarships than those listed below. There are countless private scholarships for New Mexico students so your search shouldn’t end here. You can use our free scholarship finder to find prizes from our scholarship database that match with your profile.

If you’re a student pursuing a college education in New Mexico, the options below could help you graduate debt-free or diminish the burden of loan repayment after graduation. That’s a great thing to aspire to. So, let’s get to the prizes.

New Mexico Scholarship Programs

New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship

The New Mexico Opportunity Scholarship offers students an opportunity to attend a public college or university with 100% tuition coverage. If you are an established New Mexico resident & plan to enroll in at least 6 credit hours at a public college or university in NM toward a training certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree, you may qualify.

There is no application for the scholarship. If you are an eligible student enrolled in any New Mexico public college or university, the financial aid office at your school will work with you to award the scholarship.

New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship

The New Mexico Legislative Lottery Scholarship is open to full-time students enrolled in a New Mexico public college or university. To meet eligibility requirements, students must have graduated from a New Mexico high school. There is no minimum GPA requirement for this scholarship opportunity.

This is a renewable scholarship that covers tuition up to 100%. To submit an application, students must contact their school’s financial aid office.

Athletic Scholarship

The Athletic Scholarship allocates state funds for New Mexico resident and non-resident student athletes. Scholarships are offered at the following institutions: Eastern New Mexico University, New Mexico Highlands University, New Mexico Junior College, New Mexico State University, University of New Mexico, and Western New Mexico University.

Students must contact their institution’s financial aid office for more eligibility and application details. Where eligible, athletic scholarships cover various amounts of tuition costs and fees.

Fire Fighters & Peace Officers Survivors Scholarship

The Fire Fighters & Peace Officers Survivors Scholarships offers funds to the children and spouses of fire fighters and peace officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

The award pays for tuition, room, and board, up to the average cost of attendance at a New Mexico public research university.

Graduate Scholarship

The NM Graduate Scholarship is designed to help increase the enrollment of groups underrepresented in graduate education. Priority is given to students from the most historically marginalized communities and those with the greatest financial need. To qualify for this prize, students must agree to an unpaid internship at an eligible institution, government agency, or private enterprise.

This award offers up to $7,200 per year.

Grow Your Own Teachers

The Grow Your Own Teachers program helps support school employees earn a bachelor’s degree in education. The program allows for professional leave and scholarship funds for tuition, fees, books, and course supplies. To be eligible, applicants must have experience as an employee in a New Mexico public school working directly with students.

The award offers up to $6,000 per year.

New Mexico Scholars

The New Mexico Scholars program encourages NM high school graduates to enroll in college full-time at a public or private non-profit postsecondary in NM before their 21st birthday in an undergraduate program. To be eligible, students must have graduated from a New Mexico high school in top 5% of class or obtain a score of 25 on the ACT or 1140 on the SAT. Students must be enrolled full time (based on credits per semester) and have a combined family income below $60,000 per year.

The amount of this award varies, but covers tuition, books, and fees.

Teacher Preparation Affordability Scholarship Program

The Teacher Preparation Affordability Scholarship Program is designed to encourage eligible New Mexico students to attend and complete an accredited public education department approved teacher preparation program. Students must contact the teacher preparation program at the relevant institution for scholarship application instructions.

The amount of the scholarship award is based on financial need up to $6,000 per year.

Wartime Veterans Scholarship

The Wartime Veterans Scholarship is a program for resident undergraduate and graduate students that provides tuition, fees, and book allowances to Military War Veterans certified by the New Mexico Veterans’ Service Commission.

The scholarship applies to tuition costs, required student fees, and books directly associated with undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree work. The prize amount varies depending on tuition costs.

New Mexico Grant Programs

Student Incentive Grant Program

The New Mexico Student Incentive Grant is for resident undergraduate students with substantial financial need who are attending a New Mexico public college or university or tribal college. Students must be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for this prize.

This is a renewable award in the amount of $200 to $2,500 per year.

Work Study Program

The New Mexico Work Study Program provides funding for employment opportunities for New Mexico residents attending eligible institutions.

The amount of the award depends on the student’s financial need and availability of funds.

Find More College Scholarships and Grants for New Mexico Students

The list of college scholarships that you may qualify for is likely very long. If you’d like to find more scholarship awards, you can consult our free scholarship finder. Not only does it cost you zero dollars, it connects you with scholarships that are relevant to your profile.

Continuing your search for scholarships is a great start, but it’s also important to begin your applications. This can be a lengthy process, so it’s best to start early. Applying for scholarships can be an intimidating process; however, if done correctly and with attention to detail, it can reap significant rewards in the long run.