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The State of Wyoming offers a few ways for students to earn scholarships. Wyoming students can use these funds for access to various higher education programs at the University of Wyoming and several community colleges. The scholarship programs are administered by the Wyoming Department of Education. 

Below, we offer a list of scholarships offered by the State of Wyoming with descriptions and relevant links. 

While Wyoming does not have the most numerous amount of state scholarships, the Hathaway Scholarship can be quite generous in funding. For this prize, it’s important to understand its eligibility requirements because it can make a big difference in the amount of scholarship money that you qualify for. 

So, let’s get to the state scholarships offered for Wyoming residents. 

Wyoming Scholarship Programs

Hathaway Scholarship

The Hathaway Scholarship offers eligible high school graduates an opportunity to attend the University of Wyoming or a Wyoming community college. There are four tiers of this scholarship plus a need-based award. To be eligible, students must maintain a certain GPA (between 2.5 and 3.5) and meet various class requirements. 

The four pillars of the Hathaway Scholarship are: Honors, Performance, Opportunity, and Provisional.

Award amounts vary depending on the tier for which a student qualifies. Prize money is as follows: Honors – $1,680, Performance – $1,260, Opportunity – $840, and Provisional $840. 

If students have $2,000 or more in unmet financial need, they may qualify for the need-based tier. Need is calculated based on a students completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Douvas Memorial Scholarship

The Douvas Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a Wyoming high school student who demonstrates financial need and motivation to attend college. To be eligible for this scholarship fund, students must be Wyoming residents between the ages of 18 and 22. The scholarship must be used at a Wyoming community college or at the University of Wyoming. 

This scholarship’s value is $500. 

Wyoming Grant Programs

The State of Wyoming does not offer any college grants. However, the Hathaway Scholarship does include a need-based tier and there are various need-based financial aid programs at the University of Wyoming and Wyoming’s community colleges. 

Find More Scholarships and Grants for Wyoming College Students

Given that the State of Wyoming has fewer state scholarships available than elsewhere, it’s important to know what other resources can help you pay for college or university. Put simply, there are many. In particular, there are numerous private scholarship awards for students pursuing higher education. 

It’s important to know that there are a lot of charities, businesses, religious organizations, non-profits, and many other institutions that offer money for students attending college. The types of scholarships are also quite broad. For example, there are grants and scholarships for students enrolled in high school, students majoring in a particular field or pursuing a career in high-need areas, scholarships for students from certain counties, scholarships for African-American students, scholarships for Hispanic students, and scholarships for women in STEM. There are also many scholarships that are based on hobbies and volunteer service. Overall, you should know that you can likely qualify for hundreds or even thousands of scholarships. 

While this sounds overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. You can consult our  free scholarship finder to get started. Beyond this, you can speak with your school’s guidance counselor, college financial aid office, or check in with your community library. These resources can connect you with local scholarships that are typically less competitive. 

When submitting applications, you should also know what a scholarship committee looks for. This can dramatically improve your chances of winning an award. You’ll want to understand the mission of a scholarship and speak to how you serve those values. Your personal statement is the best place to make this case. 

All in all, scholarships and grants are great way to help avoid student loans. But, they also help strengthen your profile for future opportunities. Winning money for school conveys something positive about you and that can be an asset in things like competitive employment opportunities, graduate school applications, law applications, medical school applications, and much more. So, don’t end your research here. Keep going and keep applying. 

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