If you’re reading this, you’ve likely been awarded a scholarship. Congratulations!

Now comes an important part of the scholarship process: writing a thank you letter.

Writing a thank you letter is the best way to show your scholarship provider that you appreciate their support, and it’s also an opportunity for you to solidify your relationship with them.

In fact, scholarships are often funded by organizations or individuals who want to invest in students like you (these scholarships come out all year long)—and they would like to know that the students they’ve supported are using the money for good. A well-written thank you letter makes it easy for them to see the impact they’ve had on your life and career goals.

But, let’s be honest. Writing a scholarship thank you letter can feel like a second essay. The process is time consuming and you likely have other deadlines to meet. It’s also true that scholarship thank you letters are not mandatory. So why write one? Well, the letters are important for many reasons and we’re going to cover those reasons below. We’ll also go over examples and offer a scholarship thank you letter template so you know exactly what to do.

Why You Should Send a Thank You

Scholarship thank you letters are put together to formally acknowledge the generous financial support from a scholarship donor. They are great way for you to form an emotional connection with your donor, helping to build a strong relationship that can help you in the future. This is particularly true if you wish to apply to a scholarship again from that same scholarship provider (some scholarships allow you to be a recipient more than once). Beyond this, it’s just good karma to send a letter. It helps the donor feel appreciated about his or her contribution to your academic and career goals.

So, let’s be clear about the reasons why you should send a thoughtful thank you letter.

It’s the right thing to do. Your scholarship wasn’t a lottery win. Someone else is on the other side of that check you received. In essence, your award is a direct result of someone’s generosity and a desire to help students overcome the financial obstacles of college. It’s only right that you take the time to thank them for their efforts.

It shows gratitude and respect for your scholarship sponsor’s time and investment in helping you achieve your goals. The person who helped you get this award is probably busy and has other things on their plate, but they still took some time out of their schedule to help make your dream come true! A few sentences from you can show them that they made the right decision and you’re grateful that they did.

It makes them feel good about themselves! We all want to know that our efforts have made impact in other people’s lives. Scholarship providers aren’t any different.

What You Should Include

A scholarship letter needs to be personal and tailored. The money is likely going to help you out … a lot. So, tell the scholarship provider that you’re thankful for their generosity and support.

In addition, include some details about yourself. You can outline how the scholarship money will help with your studies and what your plans are after graduation. This will help the scholarship committee realize that they made the right choice in awarding their funds to you specifically.

For example, you may say something like, “the money from your donation will help pay for my tuition, books, school supplies, and living expenses for the entire year. The scholarship you provided will go a long way toward helping me reach my goal of becoming a successful professional woman in the field of engineering—something that would be much more difficult without people like you who care about the education of young women like me.” In short, make sure that you include a statement about how much this means to your future goals and aspirations alongside the larger impact toward which the scholarship provider is contributing.

Here are a few other tips to construct a great letter:

Be Authentic and Show Gratitude

After you’ve won a scholarship, it’s important to show your gratitude with a thank you letter, which should be authentic and genuine.

Authenticity helps create a powerful message, so ensure you use the right words. You can sprinkle in “I”, “me”, and other first-person words. Ultimately, you shouldn’t be too formal or too informal; you have to find a balance between the two.

Grammar is Key! Always Proofread Your Work

When you’re writing a scholarship thank you letter, it’s important to proofread and double-check your work. Good grammar is key!

When you write your scholarship thank you letter, there are lots of things that can go wrong. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is spelling errors and poor grammar.

Sometimes people are just so excited about winning the scholarship that they can’t wait to get their thank you letter written and sent off. But this kind of haste can lead to mistakes that may not reflect you in the most positive light.

A great way to avoid this type of mistake is by making sure you proofread your work before sending it off. Take a few minutes to review what you’ve written, and then read it aloud as if someone else were reading it (this will help catch any typos and ensure you’re stating things concisely). Check for capitalization, punctuation, and format errors. If there’s something that doesn’t look right, fix it before you deliver it. Ultimately, make sure you send the best quality out into the world.

Scholarship Thank You Letter Template:


Scholarship Donor’s Name

123 Any Street

New York, NY


Dear (Name of the Scholarship) Selection Committee,

Paragraph 1 (1 to 2 sentences): Thank the scholarship provider for the scholarship and tell the scholarship selection committee that you are honored to have been selected.

Paragraph 2 (1 to 5): Explain how this form of financial aid will help you with your educational and future goals.

Paragraph 3 (1 to 3 sentences): Commend the scholarship committee/scholarship provider on whatever mission the scholarship is set up to serve (e.g. helping students with financial need, supporting the educational endeavors of students who pursue a certain major, helping students who show leadership in regard to a particular cause, etc.).

Thank you once again for giving me the honor of holding your scholarship.


Your Name

Scholarship Thank You Letter Example:

Dear (Scholarship Title) Selection Committee,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your generosity and support. I am so thankful and appreciative that you chose me to receive the (scholarship name) scholarship.

I will be working hard in the coming years to make sure this award is put to good use. I plan to use the money to pay my college tuition this year. This will allow me to volunteer more at a local youth shelter and build experience in helping young people overcome the negative effects of financial precariousness. This experience will be an asset as I work toward my degree in social work. After graduating, I hope to work with youth in my city to find meaningful employment and lead fulfilling lives.

I’d like to commend you for fulfilling your mission to help students who wish to be grassroots leaders in their community. By investing in me, I want you to know that you’re helping many others.

Thank you once again for giving me the honor of holding your scholarship.


Your Name

Final Note

Writing a thank you letter after receiving a scholarship is just as important as filling out the application form(s). Just like an application, it’s best to take your time when crafting a thank you letter to make sure it’s well written. The overall aim of a scholarship thank you letter is to express your sincere gratitude for having been awarded the scholarship, showcase your achievements or ability, and demonstrate how you plan to put the funding towards furthering your degree or career goals.