Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.

It’s my mission to fill knowledge gaps related to scholarships
I have given dozens of presentations on scholarship research and writing
My academic work has garnered millions in funding
I believe, with the right mentorship, you can win scholarships

I wake up every morning thinking about how I can help you succeed with college scholarships. In fact, I write about this topic regularly in the BridgesEDU Scholarships blog. Here’s a sample of some articles for high school students and undergraduates: 

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Understanding Different Types of Scholarships

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Can I win a scholarship? Yes, I did, and you can, too

There’s something funny about being accepted to university when you come from a single-parent household. It’s exciting. It’s a challenge. Then comes the news about the cost. This is what pushed me to apply for scholarships. In March 2022, I began looking for...

How to Win Scholarships and Grants – State of Massachusetts

The State of Massachusetts offers a variety of scholarships and grant programs for residents. These programs can help cover the cost of tuition, fees, and other expenses associated with attending college. Some of the programs are need-based, while others are...


When I was in third grade, I remember asking my mom for help on my homework. The assignment was related to contractions. You know, cannot becomes can’t, will not becomes won’t, etc.

I went to my mom and said, hey mom can you help me. She said “sure”. I told her the homework was about contractions. Immediately, she stood up from the table, walked over to the phone and called my aunt and screamed, “can you believe they’re teaching Christopher about pregnancy already?”

Now, this is a humorous story, but it conveys something about where I come from. Despite the fact that I’ve won over a million dollars in scholarships and grants and earned a Ph.D., my roots are humble. My parents didn’t have the opportunity to finish elementary school and, by consequence, I learned A LOT on my own.

The one thing I know now is that the biggest bolster to my career has been the amount of money I’ve won through scholarships. I’ve handed my CV to people in the past, seen them flip to the awards section and say, “Wow, you won all this money!” Winning scholarships conveys motivation, ambition, and a track record of excellence that distinguishes me from MANY others. As a consequence, doors have been opened for me that NEVER would have been opened previously. Just think about the place I came from.

For this reason, I’m on a mission to share my secrets to scholarship wins in the BridgesEDU Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing Masterclass. I’m on a mission to empower students (and parents) just like you, to increase your chances of winning a scholarship today, so you can have more opportunities tomorrow.

I know what you may be say about college scholarships

Now, you may be thinking, “scholarships? Really? They take so long and I just don’t have the time. Well, that could be true, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, I’m going to offer you high-level insights to dramatically bring down the time you need to invest to apply for scholarships.

But, you may also be thinking, Chris, I don’t have the grades or extracurriculars to win a scholarship. Friend, let me tell you that I, too, once thought that way. It just couldn’t be further from the truth. Every year, millions of dollars in scholarship money goes unawarded. That means that a scholarship exists and the money wants to be deposited into a student’s bank account. However, no student is there to submit an application. WHAT A TRAGEDY!!! I want to teach you how to find that money and turn that into even more opportunities for your future.

My promise to you about college scholarships

I treat every student in the BridgesEDU Scholarships community like family. For this reason, I offer a 15-day full money back guarantee. I do this because I’m confident in the process I have developed.

On top of that, I can’t tell you how much it motivates me and how good I feel when you win money. This is what I want for you and I wake up every morning thinking about how I can better position students to build stronger applications.

Friend, I know that The Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing Masterclass can help you. Over $1 million in scholarship and grant money has taught me many lessons I look forward to sharing with you. Scholarships transformed my life in an unbelievably positive way. I hope we can work together to make the same happen for you.

Let us help you find and win money!

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Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.
Scholarship Coach & Mentor