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If you’re reading this to better understand who we are, it’s probably because you’re looking for a scholarship resource to help you find and win scholarship money. You’ve come to the right place and our history highlights why we’re so passionate about scholarship applications. I’d like to share two personal stories to illustrate what I mean.

Why Didn’t I Start Earlier?

When I was a third-year undergraduate, I saw a flyer posted on campus. It was for a bursary for students from my constituent college (I attended the University of Toronto, where students are organized by colleges. Many schools like Oxford, for example, are organized this way). I thought to myself, “hey, that’s probably not too competitive given the criteria.” I applied and won that prize, twice. In this victory, I was excited, but simultaneously disappointed in myself. Why did I wait so long to apply to these kinds of prizes? Why weren’t these opportunities broadcast everywhere? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me to apply previously? I should have done this way sooner, I thought.

Financial Aid, Part-Time Work, But Scholarships…?

Well, the second story relates to the first one. Fast-forward years later to when I was teaching fourth-year undergraduates. On the first day of class, I asked my students how many worked a part-time job. The answer was more than 90 percent. I, too, worked various jobs since high school to pay my way through school, so I wasn’t surprised. But, then I asked another question: “how many students have ever applied to a scholarship?” The answer was, unfortunately, zero. Despite spending so much time working, my students never applied for scholarships to win free money. In the face of this reality are statistics showing that every year, millions of dollars in scholarship money goes unawarded. Meaning, there is money that can be deposited into a student’s account, but no student is there to apply for it. What a tragedy!

While most students know that scholarships exist, a huge knowledge gap prevents many from ever applying. This is happening while students make the difficult decision to work part-time, at the cost of studying, and it’s happening while student debt continues to soar.

I felt I had to do something about this situation that so many students face (and it’s one I was in). That’s the space where BridgesEDU Scholarships was born.

Don’t Wait, Let Us Help You Apply for Scholarships

This brings us back to you and your current situation. If you’re reading this and you want to know how to win scholarship money, please know that it’s my mission to empower you with the necessary knowledge that it takes to apply for scholarships … and win! Register for my Masterclass, The Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing . I guarantee it will help better position you to succeed in funding your education. Don’t wait like I did. There’s money out there that could be helping you today.

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Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.
Scholarship Coach & Mentor