Our mission is to help you raise your status by winning college scholarships. Our scholarship system in The Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing Masterclass is designed to create a new you! If your future plans are to land a great job, get admissions into a prestigious academic program, or get rid of student loans, we want to help position you for success.

We also want to help students overcome the most common myths and obstacles related to winning college scholarships, such as:

College Scholarships Take Too Much Time

Applying for college scholarships can take a lot of time, but it doesn’t have to. Our process, outlined in The Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing Masterclass, is designed to empower you with expertise to invest time in scholarships that you have a greater chance of winning.

Scholarships are Only for Perfect High School and Undergraduate Students

This simply isn’t true. In fact, there are MANY communities that invest in students for all sorts of reasons beyond GPA and extracurricular involvement. While strong grades and community involvement may help, they aren’t necessary for every scholarship prize. Additionally, every year, millions in scholarship money goes unawarded because a scholarship prize receives no applicants. How tragic! We’ll show you where to find these scholarship opportunities in The Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing Masterclass.

If I Get Rejected by a Scholarship Committee, I’ll Feel Foolish

It never feels good to be rejected, but this fear shouldn’t paralyze you from applying for scholarships. It’s likely that you won’t win every scholarship you apply for. The key thing is to learn from rejection and turn it into stronger applications. To help you with this, the BridgesEDU Scholarships Masterclass offers a live weekly Q&A webinar. You can attend, pose questions, and get a dose of motivation to help you keep building toward winning scholarships.

I’m Not Able to Write Scholarship Essays Well Enough

Scholarships are competitive so it’s natural to feel like you won’t stack up to the abilities of others. However, scholarship personal statements have a logic to them that you can master. We’ll help you understand how to create scholarships applications that stand out for good reason. And here’s a little secret (ssshhhh!!!!), creating great applications goes beyond good grammar!

Starting to Apply for Scholarships is Intimidating

Finding and applying for scholarships can seem daunting. Where do you find the right prizes and what do you say in order to win them? Our Secrets to Scholarship Research & Writing Masterclass helps you with one of the most important aspects of scholarship applications … the start! Our community with live Q&A sessions can also help bring down any barriers you may feel to start looking for college scholarships and getting your application ready to submit.

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Christopher Grafos, Ph.D.
Scholarship Coach & Mentor