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Quebec colleges and universities offer a variety of financial aid programs for students.

But where should you start? How do you approach this important financial topic without it feeling like an unsolvable maze?

The information below will help you approach school-specific financial aid with confidence and expertise.  

School-specific scholarships offer several underappreciated benefits. Their exclusivity to a single institution typically means less competition, boosting your chances of receiving financial aid. In short, these awards often have favourable eligibility conditions that many students can meet.

Note: this informational guide is focused on English-speaking institutions.

Utilize Your Financial Aid Office

It’s important to remember that your college’s or university’s financial aid office is a significant resource. They are ready to assist you in finding financial support tailored to your unique skills and accomplishments. This guidance is invaluable, so make sure to engage with your financial aid office early on.

Making an Educated Decision on Your School

Researching each institution’s financial aid and scholarship offerings before making a choice is a smart move. This can lead you to a school that aligns with your financial and educational goals.

This strategy not only makes financial planning more manageable, but also eases concerns about the cost of education. After all, the goal of higher education is to open doors to a promising future, not to burden you with financial worries.

Recognizing the Unique Nature of Each Institution’s Financial Aid Programs

Every institution in Quebec has its own set of policies for awarding scholarships and bursaries. These vary widely in terms of processes and eligibility criteria.

Therefore, dedicate time to research. Connect with the financial aid office. Familiarize yourself with their application processes and follow through with your applications.

Finding and Applying for School-Specific Scholarships

Learn more about how to locate and secure scholarships unique to your institution.

Simplifying the Search for Scholarships

We have gathered a list of links to the financial aid and awards offices at English-speaking colleges and universities in Quebec to support your search for scholarships, grants, and bursaries.

This compilation serves as a solid foundation for investigating the financial aid opportunities at your current or prospective school. However, it’s crucial to remember that there’s a huge number of scholarships available outside of your school, too. So, broadening your search can significantly improve your chances of securing additional financial support.

Feel free to explore the resources listed below to see what options are available to you.

Scholarship directory to help students win money for college and university

Quebec English-Speaking Colleges:

School-Specific Scholarships and Awards

Quebec English-Speaking Universities:

School-Specific Scholarships and Awards

Final Note for Quebec Students at English-Speaking Schools

The resources listed for financial aid offices at English-speaking colleges and universities in Quebec are just the beginning.

In other words, your quest for scholarships should not end with this list! We encourage you to use our free tool to uncover scholarships or to explore our comprehensive resource pages. These have been crafted to aid high school, college, and university students in Quebec in their search for scholarships. We also invite parents to make the most of these helpful tools. Good luck on your path forward!

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