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Finding the right post-secondary financial aid programs can empower students and families.

While the journey to find scholarships typically involves looking at many different sources, it’s important to consider school-specific scholarships.  As the name suggests, these awards are meant just for students who go to your school.

Interestingly, these specific types of financial aid can come with lots of benefits. Since they’re exclusive to students at one school, they tend to have less competition, giving you a better chance to get financial help that you don’t need to pay back. Put simply, school-specific awards offer favourable eligibility terms for most students.

Use Your Financial Aid Office, It’s a Great Resource

A helpful tip: your school’s financial aid office can be a big help. They can show you how to find money that suits what you’re good at and what you’ve achieved. This is really valuable, so make sure to use it!

Understand Your Options Before Picking Your School

Before you decide on a school, it’s smart to look into what kind of financial aid and scholarships they offer. This can help you pick a school that fits your financial needs as well as your educational goals.

Doing this can make planning your finances easier and can lessen worries about money. After all, higher education should be about earning a brighter future, not stressing over finances.

Scholarship and Bursary Programs Vary By Institution

Remember that each school does scholarships and bursaries differently, sometimes with different rules for who can get them. The way things are done can change a lot from one school to another. It’s really important for you to find out how financial aid at your school works.

So, do your research. Talk to your financial aid office. Learn how to apply. Then, submit applications.

For Complete Details on School-Specific Scholarships

Learn more ways to find and get school-specific scholarships.

Making Your Search Easy

To help you in your search for scholarships, grants, and bursaries, we’ve put together a list of links to the financial aid and awards offices at colleges and universities in Saskatchewan.

The list below is a great place to start looking at the financial aid options at the school you’re currently at or thinking about going to. But, remember, there’s a lot more scholarships out there besides the ones from your school. So, keep looking for more scholarships to improve your chances of winning something.

Take a look at the resources below to see what’s available.

Scholarship directory to help students win money for college and university

Saskatchewan Colleges:

School-Specific Scholarships and Awards

Saskatchewan Universities:

School-Specific Scholarships and Awards

Final Note

The links to the financial aid offices of colleges and universities in Saskatchewan are just the beginning. There’s a whole world of scholarships out there waiting to be discovered.

Don’t end your search with these links! We encourage you to use our free tool to find scholarships or explore our free resources pages designed to help high school, college, and university students on their scholarship journey. We also invite parents to make use of these free tools! Wishing you the best of luck!

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